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Linux Commands Tutorials
Using the Man Command with Examples of Options
A Hands - On Tutorial Help

This Linux command tutorial shows you some examples of how to run the Linux man command using popular, commonly used command options.

The Linux man Command

The Linux man command is used to view Linux " man pages " and these " man " ( for " manual " ) pages describe thousands of Linux commands and concepts.

Linux Tips: The Linux man pages are written in " geek - divulge " and are tricky to interpret and accept.
Once you ' ve been working suppress Linux thanks to a while ( and you ' re no longer a new Linux user ), you leave want to personify efficient to use the man command to quickly arrange things like: look up a Linux command option, learn a new Linux concept, catch out about various directories and files in the Linux order system, and learn about the settings in Linux matter ( configuration ) file.

Linux man Command Tutorial - Sight Examples of Using man Command Options

The Linux command examples shown beneath have been designed to grind with undocked Linux distributions ( versions ). And if you run unbroken these Linux commands yourself, you ' ll have a imperceptible Linux command tutorial.

So fire up Linux and bequeath it a try - it ' s a great street to get Linux training!

Linux man Command Tutorial - Using the Man Command forfeit Any Options

To learn about a single Linux command, conforming the find command, use the following example and replace " find " with the name of the Linux command you need to learn more about.

]$ man catch

This will array the " man " page in that the find command.

A Practical Linux man Command Example - Using the Man Command veil the - f Choice

Let ' s say it ' s absolutely necessary to see all of the man pages that are available on the mkdir command, but there is heavier than isolated man page ( file ) for this Linux command.

Linux Tips: The man pages that are available to you are dependant on the Linux distribution ( version ) you are using and on the number of Linux software programs you have installed on your system. Enhanced Linux software programs = besides man pages to draw the programs ( and concepts ).
To spy whole enchilada of the man pages seeing a Linux command or concept, use the - f option of the man command as shown in the example below.

]$ man - f mkdir

On some Linux systems, the output ( on the screen ) of the better command leave be:

mkdir ( 1 ) - make directories

mkdir ( 2 ) - create a directory

Linux Tips: Some Linux systems bequeath only have one man page for the mkdir command.
This yield shows you that there are two man pages due to the mkdir command. Notice that a ( 1 ) and ( 2 ) appears in the output for the mkdir command.

Linux Tips: If you just ran the command: man mkdir somewhat than using the - f option, then you would matchless see unrivaled man page and you would act as missing all the learning on the other man page ( s ).
Linux man Command Example - Specifying the Man Page Number dissemble the Man Command

If there is enhanced than by oneself man page and you yearning to glare a specific man page, you need to specify the man page number that you craving to peep. Otherwise, you will fair-minded peep the first man page.

Due to example, to examine man page 2 for the mkdir command, you race the following Linux command.

]$ man 2 mkdir

If you impartial ran the large command without the number 2 in it, you would witness man page 1 and never make out man page 2.

Beyond This " Linux Command Tutorials " Article

Man pages encumbrance correspond to useful once you get to recognize how to use Linux a proposition. But most people don ' t usually understand man pages until they ' ve been working with Linux owing to a while.

As part of your Linux training, you and need to learn how to use the man command to: traverse for a " string " of words in knotty man pages, search through text in a " section " of man pages and also traverse for specific subject within a man page.

A common and useful Linux training mode for a new Linux user is to use a simple Linux push off ( or Linux ebook ) or influence some Linux video tutorials. Linux videos are an capital street to carry royal Linux training. Honest watch a spirit, pause, and thence try the Linux occupation or command yourself!